Drug rehabilitation is one tough nut to crack, precisely in regard to sustenance and timeframes. However, there are quite a few aspects of rehabilitation centers that require attention. Firstly, the program needs to be airtight and there shouldn’t be any chances of relapse. Most importantly, the rehabilitation program should have many humane elements to make the process adaptable. That said, addiction treatment in India isn’t as straightforward as it seems with diverse social stigmas attached to the process. Therefore, even if someone has had a cleansing, he or she must follow certain steps to prevent drug relapse.

Strategy 1: Follow Healthy Schedules

Any history of cocaine addiction or any form of drug abuse renders the person weak and prone to subsequent usage. Moreover, if the person starts following an erratic schedule right after the rehab program, the chances of relapse increase significantly. Therefore, it is important to inculcate healthy schedules by following a clean diet, proper health regimes, and more. Apart from that, healthy scheduling also means mingling with healthy individuals who haven’t had any history of drug abuse.

Strategy 2: Support Networks

Once you are out of rehab, you should immediately enroll in a support network. This way, you would get to talk with others who have had similar experiences with the drug. Individuals who defeated drugs and came out victorious can effectively motivate each other. Moreover, support groups are effective in regard to eliminating bad influences. Most importantly, these groups help individuals monitor the timeframe of their sobriety.

Strategy 3: Steer Clear of Temptation

Drugs are addictive and they ride on temptations while making their way into the system. Therefore, once you are out of rehab, it is necessary to try staying sober by killing off temptations, if any. There will be instances when friends and other users will call for casual hangouts. However, you should remain mentally strong and avoid similar associations.

Strategy 4: Identify your Ambition

It happens to be the case that individuals with zero ambitions and life-changing plans are prone to drug abuse, even after rehab. Post-rehab, the individual needs to identify a cause and direction for living to his or her fullest. Once the person has something constructive on his or her mind, drugs take a backseat. Most importantly, nothing is more addictive than success and once the person gets the taste of it, no drug will come close to replicating the feeling of personal and professional ecstasy.

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Strategy 5: Do not be Complacent

Confidence is good but complacency isn’t. Most relapses take place when the person comes straight out of the rehab and starts interacting with other abusers. There should be the fear of failing and only then will individuals follow necessary precautions.

Drug abuse is one catastrophic scenario that is best dealt with by following a rehabilitation program. However, every rehab module comes with the chances of relapse, and individuals must follow the mentioned strategies for lowering the chances of falling into this trap, all over again.

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