To a person grappling with an addiction, the world can come across as a dark, chaotic maze with no signs of an exit. As a reputed rehabilitation center, Safe House acts as a ray of hope in such patients’ lives, providing them with an accepting, secure and comfortable space and gently guiding them out of the rut.

Tailor-made to suit every individual’s unique requirements and challenges, our bespoke treatment plans work holistically on the patient’s physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing. Our expertise in the allied fields of mental health and rehabilitation helps us prepare comprehensive strategies for various addiction types. Have a look at some of the significant features of Safe House’s treatment process:

1. Exclusive, One-On-One Therapy Sessions

Our team consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and other professionals possesses considerable knowledge and hands-on experience in rehabilitation and mental health. Their rich backgrounds have shaped them into empathetic, sensitive and caring individuals who can step into the patients’ shoes and devise specialised recovery plans for each. Being extremely patient listeners, they provide individuals with the much-needed safe space that encourages them to open up, face their challenges and work towards resolving their issues.

2. Twelve-Step Programme

Our treatment approaches are primarily built upon the renowned Twelve-Step Programme, which involves the core principles of reflection, exercise, study and clean living. The Twelve-Step Programme has its roots in the Twelve Steps of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous). Safe House effectively modifies the Twelve-Step approach with due consideration of individual requirements, values and beliefs.

3. Yoga and Meditation as Ways of Life

The spiritual journey to recovery begins with self-reflection and inner peace. yoga and meditation act as vehicles facilitating this journey to one’s inner self. Research suggests that yoga, meditation and pranayam can significantly contribute to abstinence and de-addiction. At Safe House, we incorporate these alternative healing practices as integral parts of patients’ daily routines. Typically, an individual’s day begins with yoga and meditation and ends with meditation and self-reflection. The serene and peaceful surroundings of the lush-green I.T. Fields provide an incredibly conducive environment for such activities.

4. Couple and Family Counselling

A family that abstains together stays together. The patients’ family members and/or partners act as backbones and integral support-systems in the abstinence and rehabilitation process. A caring, accepting family to return to can considerably speed up recovery and contribute to the patient’s emotional and mental wellbeing. In short, we at Safe House support you to support your loved ones recovering from addiction.

5. Group Sessions and Educational Lectures

Besides one-on-one sessions, rehabilitation at Safe House also involves interactive group sessions and discussions. Interacting with different persons on the same journey can instil immense confidence in individuals and contribute to their social wellbeing. We also conduct daily educational lectures on various de-addiction principles, helping patients understand and reflect on the process better.

6. Detox and Relapse Prevention

Going cold-turkey can be a huge challenge for individuals dealing with addictions of any nature. Our comprehensive detox programmes help patients effectively abstain from the stimulant and overcome their initial withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, our relapse prevention measures ensure that the addictive behaviour does not resurface towards the end of the treatment.