Situated at the heart of the lush-green I.T. Farms in Dera Mandi, Safe House Wellness Retreat provides a nurturing haven for individuals on the path to healing from various types of addiction.

As a prime luxurious healing and rehabilitation centre in India, we at Safe House offer personalized, innovative, and internationally acclaimed programmes. Together, let’s work on our bodies, minds, and spirit to ensure a healthy turnaround in behaviours and attitudes!

Mission and Vision


Safe House was established with the mission to help individuals recover from alcohol and drug problems, addictions, and other forms of ailments, and guide them to the path of good health and emotional wellbeing.


Our vision is that everyone in our care finds a better way of life – free from addiction to alcohol, drugs, substance, or any other destructive crutches. Safe House is the go-to rehab centre in New Delhi, where individuals and families can trust us to genuinely bring about a positive difference in their lives.

What makes Safe House unique?

Serenity, Calm, and Care

Imagine being surrounded by rich flora and fauna, coupled with world-class amenities and homely care. That is Safe House for its patients! From accommodating your dietary needs to providing nutritious, custom-made food, we have your back at all times!

Holistic Approach and 12-Step Programme

Our holistic approach to healing has made us one of the best de-addiction centres in India. We believe in systematically addressing the symptoms of addiction through effective rehabilitation.  Our Twelve-Step Programme involves intense reflection, study, clean living, exercise, and abstinence. Yoga and meditation are also integral parts of our comprehensive programme.

Knowledgeable, Experienced, Enthusiastic Staff

The staff-members at Safe House form the backbone of our reputed rehabilitation centre. Upholding the personal values of empathy, compassion, and sensitivity, our psychiatrists and psychologists can step into the patients’ shoes, understand their perspectives, and work with them consistently. They are excellent listeners and observers who absorb verbal and non-verbal cues to understand the patient’s state-of-mind.