Sex Addiction

sex and love addiction

What is Sex Addiction?

Addiction need not always involve destructive behaviours like consuming alcohol or drugs. Sometimes, even a generally healthy activity can become an obsession, intruding into one’s other daily tasks. Sex addiction is one such pattern that requires immediate and intensive care and rectification.

WHO defines compulsive sexual disorder or sex addiction is characterized by a persistent pattern of failure to control intense, repetitive sexual impulses or urges, resulting in repetitive sexual behaviour.

Sex addiction, also called hypersexuality, may be defined as an individual’s excessive sexual arousal and need to continually engage in sexual behaviours – including watching an excessive amount of pornography, being involved with multiple sexual partners, overuse of sex chat systems, etc. Although compulsive sexual behaviour or sex addiction at its most extreme form can lead to the individual’s total disregard for other significant responsibilities in life, proper and timely sex rehab and sex addiction programs can help one to work around his/her addiction effectively.

At Safe House, we understand that compulsive sexual behaviour or disorder may be characterized by one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Severe emotional distress or trauma
  • Fear of being abandoned
  • Risk-taking and destructive behaviours
  • A compulsive need to gain access to sexual activities and/or sexually explicit material
  • A disregard for the other essential aspects of life
  • Inability to establish healthy emotional relationships

If you identify with two or more of the above symptoms, it is advisable to seek sex addiction treatment

The Way Ahead With Safe House

As a sex addict rehab in Delhi, Safe House is a safe and positive environment for individuals dealing with the addiction of different natures. Sex addiction can be a dark, intimidating, and disorienting reality for individuals grappling with the condition. Being surrounded by non-judgemental and caring individuals can provide comfort, solace, and motivation. Moreover, our facility offers comprehensive sex addiction treatment and programs, including: 

  • Group therapy sessions
  • Behaviour-focused sessions based on psychologically proven approaches such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  • A safe, conscious, and positive environment with all the necessary comforts and facilities
  • A systematic effort to balance out the excessive sexual needs with other meaningful activities and relationships
  • 1-on-1 sessions with licensed psychologists and master therapists.
  • Medical detox under close supervision
  • Family therapy sessions to establish a conducive home environment
  • Psychiatric assessments, diagnosis, and sex addiction treatment planning as required
  • Alternative relaxation strategies like Yoga and meditation.

The main focus of Safe House’s sex rehab is an empathetic, systematic, and positive approach towards a healthier and better-adjusted life. We understand that every individual is unique even while each one requires support and a sense of belongingness. Thus, our sex addiction treatment programs strike the perfect balance between individual attention and group therapies.

Fostering hope for a better tomorrow is the first step to overcoming sex addiction. Let us work together towards establishing a happier, healthier, and emotionally balanced future!