Rehabilitation is not a linear process – it is an amalgamation of various therapeutic and medical interventions customised to suit every patient’s individual requirements and challenges.

A holistic de-addiction approach incorporates various innovative strategies structured systematically to form a comprehensive rehabilitation programme.

Such a holistic treatment framework aims at physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing and helps patients progress slowly but steadily towards an addiction-free existence.

Holistic Wellness Programmes at Safe House

Consisting of a proficient team of mental-health experts coupled with world-class facilities, Safe House is a comfortable and secure zone for holistic treatment programmes to take place seamlessly. Here are some of the interventions we incorporate as part of our holistic approach:

  • Yoga: Unearthed from the treasures of ancient Indian healing practices, Yoga is more a way of life than a rigid exercise regime. Incorporating physical, mental, and emotional fitness, helps individuals to focus on their breathing and attain inner peace and harmony through its various asanas. Such mindful exercise techniques enable individuals dealing with addiction to become increasingly self-aware and attuned to their bodies and minds.
  • Meditation: What can be a better relaxation technique than sitting peacefully amidst serene surroundings, focusing on your breath, listening to chirping birds, and letting your thoughts flow? Situated amidst the calm locales of the I.T. Fields, Safe House is the go-to retreat for individuals grappling with addiction and psychological disorders to find solace and comfort. Our daily meditation sessions help patients embark on an enriching journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.
  • Self-Reflection: Identifying and acknowledging our thought patterns and innate emotions are the first step to working towards behavioural change. Besides administering conventional therapeutic techniques like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), we also include self-reflection as an integral part of our patients’ daily routines. By reflecting on and introspecting their thoughts and emotions, patients can work consciously on their behaviours.
  • Nutrition: Our counsellors consider every patient’s dietary restrictions, specifications, and preferences to chalk out highly customised meal plans. They then coordinate with our seasoned chefs, who incorporate these specifications to serve the most delicious yet nutritious preparations! We offer over 150 types of cuisine – from Indian and continental to oriental and English – and instant a la carte service.
  • Family and Couple Therapy: Having a supportive family environment makes a world of difference in a patient’s life. Our integrated family and couple therapy sessions help families understand the specific issues and challenges the patient faces. Such an understanding instills empathy in the minds of the affected individual’s loved ones.

Benefits of Holistic Treatment

  • Systematic integration of physical, mental, and emotional wellness strategies
  • Formulation of a concrete and achievable rehabilitation plan
  • Personalised intervention techniques suited to individual requirements and challenges
  • Facilitation of self-awareness and inner peace

Safe House Wellness Retreat is a comfortable and secure retreat for individuals dealing with various types of addiction and psychological disorders. If you are grappling with either, we are right here for you. Reach out to us today, and let us venture together towards hope and recovery!