For a person addicted to a stimulant or behaviour, staying away from the source of addiction can be extremely challenging at multiple levels. However, the light at the end of this tunnel is incredibly bright, and adequate care can help patients lead a peaceful, addiction-free existence. A detox retreat is one of the primary interventions that rehab centers provide to their patients. At Safe House, we understand the complexities involved in helping patients overcome the repercussions of detox. Our experienced mental health professionals are skilled to handle such consequences and provide unconditional support to the patients.

Why is Detox Necessary?

Detoxification is a crucial milestone in the rehabilitation process, in the case of drug and alcohol addiction as well as addiction to behaviours like sex. It helps patients overcome their dependency on the source of addiction and lead healthy lives thereafter. Medical detox retreat involves shattering the addiction cycle and restoring health and wellbeing. Some common symptoms a patient may face due to detox include:

  • Nausea
  • Insomnia and other sleep issues
  • Inability to focus
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Tremors
  • Fluctuations in Blood Pressure

Detoxing at Safe House: Here’s the Deal!

At Safe House, we understand that detox may be harrowing for individuals struggling with addiction problems. Here are some ways in which we make the detox retreat process easier for them:

1. 24×7 Availability of Experienced Mental Health Professionals

Our mental health professionals are highly experienced in handling even the most severe detox symptoms. They provide patients with unconditional support and motivate them to persevere through their struggles. They also constantly monitor the patients’ parameters and provide medication and treatment accordingly. Lastly, they are empathetic and extremely sensitive to the patients’ needs and emotions and smoothen the detox process considerably.

2. Positive and Accepting Environment

A positive environment can make a huge difference to a person undergoing detoxification. Safe House Wellness Retreat provides a serene, peaceful, and comforting environment for its patients, helping them feel secure and accepted throughout. We help our patients understand that the side effects of detox are temporary, after which they would feel better than they ever did before. The serene surroundings contribute to inducing inner peace and calm.

3. Efficient Handling of the Emotional Repercussions of Detox

Alongside treating the physical symptoms of detox, Safe House also identifies and helps patients with other emotional repercussions such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, etc. Typically, the addictive substance or behaviour may have provided the individual with momentary emotional relief; consequently, weaning the source of addiction can cause extreme emotional reactions. Studies suggest that detox can entail relatively mild to extremely severe emotional symptoms in the patients, thus requiring 24×7 professional assistance. Our psychologists and psychiatrists understand the emotional causes and effects of such meltdowns and help patients deal with them calmly and efficiently.

4. Family and Couple Counselling
The patients’ partners and/or family members can be incredible sources of mental and emotional support during and post the detox phase. However, the inability to understand the patient’s challenges often acts as a barrier to strengthening this bond. Safe House provides effective family and couple counselling to help patients’ loved ones understand the symptoms and challenges they are going through.