Just like one shoe size never fits all, treatment and rehabilitation plans always differ for every individual dealing with addiction issues. While residential treatment is necessary for many patients to heal completely, some may recover even without staying at the rehabilitation center. For such patients, outpatient care is an effective solution that enables them to incorporate their treatment plans with their conventional routines. At Safe House, we accurately identify your rehabilitation needs and provide you with premier outpatient treatment services if relevant. Have a look at some outpatient care facilities we offer:

  1. Thorough Assessment of Every Individual
    The initial assessment of patients is extremely essential in determining whether they require residential treatment or outpatient therapy. Here, our highly proficient mental health professionals – including psychologists, psychiatrists and physicians – thoroughly study the individual’s medical and personal history and identify his/her level of addiction. Based on this detailed evaluation, they figure out whether the person requires residential or outpatient treatment. Such detailed analysis helps us accurately determine the best treatment course for our patients.

  2. Comprehensive, Curated Treatment Plans
    Our outpatient treatment plans are just as detailed and goal-oriented as our residential ones. Considering that these patients avail of our treatment from a distance, we prepare plans that seamlessly integrate into their regular schedules. Our psychiatrists and psychologists first evaluate the patient’s other mundane tasks such as work, family time, other responsibilities etc. Based on this evaluation, they set up systematic schedules that incorporate various activities like yoga, meditation, reflection etc.

  3. Family and Couple Therapy
    Adequate support from one’s partner and/or family forms the backbone to healing from any type of addiction – including process, drug and alcohol addiction. In addition to one-on-one treatment for its patients, Safe House provides extensive family and couple counselling to outpatient individuals, ensuring that they return to an accepting and encouraging home environment each day. We also provide guidance and support to family members, helping them take adequate care of themselves and their loved one struggling with addiction.

  4. One-on-One Therapy Sessions
    One-on-one sessions with our empathetic, sensitive and experienced psychologists and psychiatrists provide a secure, comfortable space for patients to understand and heal themselves. Through our personal counselling sessions, we offer a non-judgmental environment that would help patients at all addiction levels to face their challenges more openly and feel motivated to overcome them. 

  5. Nutritional Counselling and Consultation
    At our outpatient treatment center, we prepare extensive 360-degree meal plans for every patient, incorporating each one’s specific needs, dietary restrictions and preferences. Although outpatient individuals would have to make their food arrangements themselves, our comprehensive meal plans make it a breeze for them to follow a balanced, healthy diet throughout the process.

  6. Yoga, Meditation and Self-Reflection
    Working simultaneously on the body and mind can facilitate long-lasting and more holistic healing from addiction. Ancient practices like yoga and meditation can significantly help patients become more aware of their destructive thought and behavioural patterns. Consequently, we incorporate yoga and meditation as integral aspects of our residential as well as outpatient programmes. Moreover, studies suggest that self-reflection is associated with various positive outcomes, including enhancing cognitive skills, developing one’s beliefs and helping with problem solving. Thus, we assign reflection activities in which patients closely observe and introspect their thoughts, feelings and emotions.