Cocaine Addiction Treatment

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What is Cocaine?

Cocaine has been falsely glamourized as a party drug. People of all ages are willing to try the white powder for its well-known euphoric effects. Cocaine is most commonly sold in a white powdery form that can be inhaled through the nose or swallowed. Some people also prefer injecting it with a needle or rubbing it into the gums. The frenzy which comes along with cocaine is highly addictive and people are willing to consume it again and again to match the euphoric high. Since the sensation is short-lived, the rate of consumption is high. A different variant of cocaine, which is known as crack cocaine is also highly popular. It is known to be even more addictive than its standard form, making it more dangerous than cocaine.

Cocaine Addiction

Usually, the addiction to cocaine develops over the course of one year but in some cases, the person can get addicted to cocaine after just a single-use. People who smoke cocaine have a higher chance of getting addicted. Therefore, cocaine addiction treatment should start from the very beginning. Prolonged use of the drug can make a person tolerant of it, leading to the consumption of a higher dosage. Even abstaining from the drug might not help him/her get rid of the tolerance. This makes cocaine highly dangerous and destructive. Cocaine addiction can lead to anxiety disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, mood disorders, and stress-related disorders. Consuming a copious amount of the white powder might lead to drug overdose which can even lead to death.
These days’ dealers tend to mix cocaine with commodities of daily use like baking soda, flour, talcum powder, or sugar. It is important to be careful against spurious products that can lead to cocaine addiction.

Individualised Treatment Program

We at Safe House Wellness Retreat understand the way cocaine works and take cocaine addiction treatment very seriously. We assess the clients to understand their level of addiction and their state of mind. Based on the level of seriousness, a comprehensive package is designed so that the client has the maximum benefits. Each client is assigned a care team that consists of a case manager, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a physician, and a counsellor. Different people have different needs and respond to treatment differently. The team ensures that the program caters to the client’s needs and habits so that he/she is able to recover in the most natural way possible. In addition to the program, Safe House provides meditation workshops, yoga sessions, nutrition counselling, art therapies, and aftercare counselling for the overall development of physical and mental health.

Standard and Luxurious Accommodations

Along with individualised treatment programs, Safe House Wellness Retreat offers an exclusive environment with well-styled rooms and amenities like a swimming pool, basketball court, pool tables, table tennis room, and a well-equipped gym. It also has a specialized Luxury Centre with plush interiors and state of the art facilities.