Treading the de-addiction path alone can be lonely and intimidating, and timely guidance along the way can make a significant difference. Rehabilitation is more than just correcting a set of behaviours – it incorporates a major lifestyle transformation and requires dedication. For this reason, rehabilitation centres in Delhi India provide residential facilities for individuals dealing with different types of addiction, including alcohol and drug addiction. Situated in the picturesque locales of I.T. fields in Chattarpur, Safe House provides its patients with a secure and peaceful environment conducive to positive change. Here’s a glimpse of some such premier residential facilities we offer:

  1. Deluxe Suites to Pick From

    A comfortable existence is a prerequisite to healing and de-addiction. At Safe House, we offer luxury single- and double-occupancy suites that can comfortably accommodate patients and their family members. These suites are resplendent with state-of-the-art facilities including high-speed Wi-Fi, jacuzzis, satellite TVs, Apple TVs or Chrome casts, walk-in closets, refrigerators, en-suite bathrooms, in-room dining, etc. Our double-occupancy suites also have spacious balconies with panoramic views of the green I.T. Fields.
  1. Serenity Outside, Peace Within!

    The lush green environs of our rehab centre have an instantly relaxing effect on the patients. Research articles suggest that green spaces are associated with a host of health benefits, such as boosting one’s mood, strengthening the immune system, and enhancing cardiovascular health. Greenery plays a crucial role in restoring the physical and mental health of individuals struggling with addiction issues. Our sprawling lawn provides sufficient space and serenity required for recreational activities like Yoga and meditation.
  1. Qualified and Experienced Mental Health Professionals

    Our team consists only of the most proficient mental health professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, and counsellors. These individuals are available throughout the day at the facility and help patients overcome their challenges steadily and systematically. Such an empathetic and accepting environment enables patients to open up and face their demons without being judged for them.
  1. Curated and Specialised Cuisines at Your Service!

    Having nutritious foods in the right proportions helps maintain health and wellbeing. Safe House formulates curated diet plans for every patient and accommodates each one’s dietary restrictions to serve the most delicious and hygienic meals. Since we offer residential treatment, it is easy for us to monitor patients’ food intake and thus help them make a speedy recovery. We offer a wide variety of cuisines for every meal, from Indian and oriental to continental and English.
  1. Individual and Group Interventions

    Striking the right balance between one-on-one and group interventions is essential in rehabilitation. Safe House offers extensive individual therapy sessions with expert psychologists and psychiatrists, as well as group sessions including discussions, lectures, and exercise sessions. Such a comprehensive programme helps patients establish a healthy sense of self and others.
  1. Meticulously Planned Daily Routine

    Residential treatment entails systematically planned daily schedules that incorporate various productive activities. These tasks contribute to one’s overall wellbeing and help replace addictive behaviour with other beneficial ones.
  1.  Closely Monitored Detox and Relapse Prevention Plans

    The detox phase can be rather challenging for an individual addicted to alcohol, drug, or any other stimulant. Residential treatment at Safe House involves closely monitoring the patient’s parameters and mental health throughout and after this phase, making the transition as seamless as possible for the patient. We also formulate relapse prevention plans to ensure that the addictive behaviour does not re-emerge towards the end of the programme.