Alcohol Treatment

Alcoholism is a combination of cognitive, behavioural and physiological factors that are manifested due to an urge to consume alcohol, the magnitude of which only increases steadily.

Being one of the best Alcohol treatment centres in India, our mission is to provide excellent services and holistic support to help you and your loved ones achieve victory over their addiction.

Alcoholism Treatment Safe House Rehab
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Cocaine Addiction

We at Safe House Wellness Retreat understand the way cocaine works and take cocaine addiction treatment very seriously. We assess the clients to understand their level of addiction and their state of mind. Based on the level of seriousness, a comprehensive package is designed so that the client has the maximum benefits.

Drug Rehabilitation

If you find yourself or your loved ones stuck in the clutches of drugs, struggling to fight off the grip, you could not have come to a better place. Safe House Wellness Retreat is a leading drug rehabilitation centres in the serene greens of Delhi.

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Sex Addiction

Sex addiction, also called hypersexuality, may be defined as an individual’s excessive sexual arousal and need to continually engage in sexual behaviours – including watching an excessive amount of pornography, being involved with multiple sexual partners, overuse of sex chat systems etc.

OCD Treatment

Psychology Today defines Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder as “a mental disorder in which people experience unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, images, or sensations (obsessions) and engage in behaviors or mental acts (compulsions) in response.”

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Process Addiction

Recreation and gaming, exercise and shopping, work and sex – ostensibly, each of these activities is healthy and required for a peaceful existence. However, even the most effective activities can turn extremely detrimental if overdone.

Eating Disorder

Food is to our bodies as fuel is to vehicles – it energises every cell of the body and keeps us afloat.However, just like too much or too less fuel can adversely affect a vehicle, fluctuations in one’s food intake can play havoc in the body. Eating disorders arise from faulty food consumption patterns prevalent over significantly longer periods.

sex and love addiction

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

A diagnosis is an integral stepping-stone towards an enriching rehabilitation journey. A diagnosis provides a definite direction to the patients and the mental health professionals caring for them, helping them establish a systematic framework.

Treatment for Trauma

While some incidents may last only for a brief period, they often remain deeply etched in an individual’s mind for the longest time. And even though a matter of the past, the mere thought of these events may continue to trigger strong emotional responses.

Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis Addiction

Contrary to popular belief, cannabis addiction can be just as fatal as addiction to cocaine or other drugs. Typically, what begins as occasional consumption for recreational purposes escalates into a dependency on the drug for day-to-day functioning.

Anxiety Treatment

Worrying about one’s current responsibilities and illusive future is part and parcel of existence. However, this normal worrying behaviour assumes the form of anxiety when it takes irrational control over one’s life. Such worrisome thoughts cause a person to exaggerate the consequences of mundane situations, preventing them from carrying out day-to-day activities optimally.

Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment

We often hear the term ‘depression’ being used casually in conversations to describe sorrow or a momentary mood-swing.However, the reality is much graver for a person struggling with clinical depression. Even day-to-day sustenance can become a major challenge for such individuals, requiring immediate care, empathy and professional intervention.