Food is to the mind and body as fuel to a vehicle. We at Safe House rehab centre understand this fact and assign paramount importance to the food we serve our patients. Such a comprehensive approach to food intake significantly contributes to their de-addiction journey. Have a look at the exclusive features of our well-planned cuisines and delightful mealtimes:

1. Pick From a Plethora of 150 Preparations

Our exclusive menu covers a wide range of preparations from classic Indian food and English breakfasts to oriental and continental cuisines. Patients are free to pick any cuisine they are comfortable with or would like to explore. They may also vary the type of cuisine they would like to try for each mealtime.

2. Authentic Delicacies by Expert Chefs

Our chefs are highly skilled in preparing different types of authentic delicacies with remarkable efficiency. They also understand the specific requirements of each patient and tread the extra mile to consider their preferences.

3. Options to Accommodate Dietary Specifications

Often, patients have certain strict dietary restrictions and specifications for each of their meals. Safe House carefully understands these personal requirements and accommodates them into the patient’s diet plan. And all this while, we ensure that we always cater to your taste-buds!

4. Instant A-la-Carte Service

We know that the good old a-la-carte service offers individuals far more options compared to the buffet system. Consequently, we offer patients convenient a-la-carte options, serving them their preferred delicacies efficiently and instantly!

5. Accommodating Vegetarian Food and Religious Restrictions

Some of our patients are pure vegetarians or have religious restrictions on food. In such cases, we consider their restrictions and provide delicious food sans the specific restricted ingredients.

6. The Perfect Balance Between Taste and Nutrition

Although we are cautious about the nutritional value of the food we serve our clients, we never compromise on its taste. Be it a sumptuous breakfast, authentic lunch, or light dinner, we provide clients with state-of-the-art epicurean facilities that strike the perfect balance between taste and health!

7. Designated Kitchen and Dining Area

The Safe House facility boasts of a remarkably well-maintained, hygienic, and spacious kitchen that utilizes modern kitchen equipment to prepare delicious cuisines. Moreover, each suite has an in-room dining facility that provides individuals and families with much-needed privacy. Also, we have a common dining-room that can easily accommodate 10 individuals.

8. Convenient Juicing Options

In addition to delicious meals, our kitchen also has an efficient juicing facility. Patients and their families can order various types of fruits and vegetable juices, which are served to them in no time, at any time of the day!

9. En-Suite Tea/Coffee Makers and Refrigerator

Regardless of the room-size, each suite contains an easy-to-use tea/coffee maker and a spacious refrigerator. Patients may prepare tea and coffee at any time of the day and store residual food conveniently in their suites.

10. Well-Structured Mealtimes

At Safe House, we assign tremendous significance to food and meals. Thus, we have demarcated four distinct time-slots for daily mealtimes. We ensure that these time-slots are utilized exclusively for food consumption and no other activity takes place at these times.