Why Place Your Recovery in Our Hands?

Recovering from addiction is a significant decision that requires dedication and determination. Expert care and adequate facilities can make the process a lot more convenient and effective.

Our expertise in the fields of mental health and rehabilitation has made Safe House the go-to rehabilitation center for individuals grappling with addictions of different natures. We understand that the healing process may not be the same for all individuals; thus, we provide focused, exclusive facilities and personalised treatment that cater to every individual’s requirements.

Our customized yoga, meditation, and exercise activities further facilitate physical, mental, and emotional well-being, thus nurturing holistic healing. From alcohol and drug addiction to love and sex addiction, we provide comprehensive and empathetic support to patients dealing with various addiction issues.

Our Premier Services

  • Personalised Treatment + Personal Care: Safe House provides tailor-made treatment plans catering to each patient’s specific needs and concerns. Because every individual has unique needs, the healing process can look different for each patient. Consequently, customized treatment provides patients with a comfortable space that values their individuality and gives them much-needed recovery time.
  • World-Class Luxury Facilities: At Safe House, we offer multiple luxury facilities under one roof so that our patients can exclusively focus on recovery. We provide nutritious food with consideration of dietary restrictions. Our posh single and double occupancy suites provide premier luxuries include satellite TVs, ensuite bathrooms, jacuzzies, in-room dining, walk-in closets, refrigerators, and much more! The rehab also consists of a well-equipped dining room, kitchen, and gym.
  • Conducive Environment: The aura and backdrop of Safe House exude peace and tranquillity, making it incredibly conducive to healing. Situated at the heart of the I.T. fields in Dera Mandi, Chattarpur, Safe House Wellness Retreat strikes the perfect balance between nature and nurture. The peaceful atmosphere is also conducive to various activities such as yoga and meditation. It provides patients with a secure haven for self-reflection, introspection, and expression.
  • Easily Accessible: Located in Chattarpur, Safe House is well-connected to New Delhi via railways and airways. 
  • Experienced and Knowledgeable Team: Hailing from mental health, psychiatry, and psychology backgrounds, the mental health professionals at our facility possess extensive experience in caring for individuals dealing with addictions. They also have a knack for providing emotional support through careful listening, observation, and empathy. Their sensitive approach provides a safe space for patients to express themselves and feel accepted.
  • Comprehensive and Systematic Approaches: Safe House primarily follows the renowned Twelve-Step Programme that focuses on intensive reflection, study, clean living, and exercise. This programme is built on the principles of the Twelve Steps of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous). Simultaneously, we consider various religious perspectives of the patients, including atheism and agnosticism, thus following a secular approach to healing.