There’s no one way to do recovery. 10 years clean. (Pain meds, knew needed help) Thoughts of anxiety were just horrific. I’d like a private rehab abroad. Very accommodating. Very gentle and I needed gentleness. I was so close to wanting to use the drug I had used in the past—heroin. It’s not like a rehab. It’s so person-centered.

The room, the house, I joke that it’s like royalty. 5 people where you just recover. Joy of experience. I’ve received a lot of love and care. Pick the phone up and speak with one of the staff. … family needs to get involved.

Substance for past 29 years. Alcohol, sadly could not get rid of it on my own. First contact I got was really comforting. We decided to come straight away. I feel at home. I feel comfortable and it’s made all the difference. Start the day with yoga. Group session. Help each other to understand, other people who do feel the same or have similar experience.

On every Sunday, we go out. When we come back, we don’t feel like we’ve come back to a rehab center, we feel like we’ve come back home. That’s a really good feeling inside. All the surrounding is important. The staff are great, understanding; they listen. They don’t just hear, they listen. Anytime you have something to share, there’s always someone you can share with. (pictures on internet, always looks really nice, but visit and not as nice; here opposite, nicer than the pictures) It’s quite luxury, I would say.

I never had any control on my drinking. … daughter used to call me. I wouldn’t take the phone. The minute I didn’t take the phone, she knew momma is drunk. … Daughter managed to get Safe House. … Habit of always putting the blame on others. … Here for 6 months. Outside world is totally different for me now. When I went out from here, my family life has become so good. … I want to be with them because they are so caring for me. All this credit goes to my counselor, not me. He has helped me a lot. Earlier I was a very difficult person, this much I know. I wouldn’t say anything to him.

One day, I finally started talking, it helped him to help me. … sometimes husband tried, but of no use. Promises made and broken very fast. … lost my emotions, now I feel lost most precious time of my life drinking whenever I wanted. … Once I start, no end to it. One sip and on and on. … (blood pressure medication)—alcohol which was troubling me and nothing else … I have full regards for Safe House, the way they have healed me from not only alcohol disease, but every other nook and corner of my life.