As a reputed rehab centre in Delhi, India, Safe House acts as a secure facility for all individuals trying to recover from addiction issues. Admissions into Safe House involve a systematic, comprehensive process that addresses every patient’s specific conditions.

Have a look at how you can gain admission into Safe House Wellness Retreat and begin your healing journey:

  • Call Us Now: Connect with us over a call, and we would be happy to get to know you. Typically, when individuals first contact Safe House, we lend a patient ear to them and figure ways to reach out immediately. Our empathetic approach enables people grappling with addictions to feel secure, accepted, and comfortable right from the first conversation. Based on our observations, we provide individuals with immediate support if required, even while our skilled mental-health professionals prepare a comprehensive treatment plan for them. You can reach out to us anytime via phone, email, or the message section on our website’s Contact Us page.
  • Assessment Time: Once you have reached out to us, our therapists would assess you in terms of your personal and medical history, symptoms, challenges, and other such significant criteria. We go all out to understand you as a person, together with your personal goals, issues, and expectations from the healing process. Post this assessment, our professionals prepare a personalised rehabilitation plan suited to your requirements and addiction problems. Rest assured that your privacy is our priority, and whatever information you share with us, stays with us.
  • Welcoming You Aboard: Safe House Wellness Retreat is well-connected to New Delhi via airways and railways. Moreover, we provide all the necessary assistance as you (and your family members, if applicable) commute to Safe House Wellness Retreat situated at Chattarpur. We also brief you in advance about the items you would need to pack into your travel bag. We are dedicated to ensuring that you reach the centre safely without any hassles.
  • Payment and Registration: Patients can carry out their payment through any preferred mode of transaction, from net banking to card transfer. Our administration panel provides you with all the required guidance while you carry out the payment. Patients must complete the transaction before checking into the centre.

  • Check Into the Centre: Safe House is your home away from home! Our staff members are by your side throughout your check-in process, after which we escort you to your room and let you unwind against the backdrop of our tranquil settings.

  • Your Health, Our Priority: We assign paramount importance to our patients’ health and wellbeing. Subsequently, we conduct regular medical checkups, checking and monitoring your parameters consistently. As the treatment for addiction progresses, patients may face withdrawals from addictive substances or behaviours. Our constant health checkups help patients to overcome their withdrawals better, with the right approach and treatment.

  • Tailor-Made Plans for You: Every individual is unique and the recovery process for each one different. At Safe House, we consider each patient’s specific requirements and devise elaborate, personalised treatment plans aimed at mental, emotional, and social well-being. While preparing treatment plans, Safe House primarily follows the Twelve-Step Programme, which has its roots in the Twelve Steps of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous). The Twelve-Step Programme extensively focuses on clean living, exercise, intensive reflection, and study.

  • Post-Treatment Care: We believe that while recovery gets completed after a stipulated period, healing is a continuous process. After the treatment, we regularly follow up with the patients to ensure that they continue on the path of abstinence, peace, and bliss!