Just like a tower cannot be built without sturdy pillars supporting its structure, rehabilitation cannot take place without the firm support of one’s family.

Dealing with alcohol or drug addiction and other mental health issues can be dark and unnerving; a supportive family can make a world of difference in facilitating a speedy recovery.

Situated at the heart of the scenic I.T. Fields in Chattarpur, Safe House is your home away from home, offering state-of-the-art facilities for patients and their loved ones.

Why is Family Therapy Important?

  • Support Beyond Rehabilitation: While rehabilitation is time-bound, abstinence and mental wellbeing are continuous processes. Thus, individuals would continue to need mental and emotional support even after their stay at the rehabilitation center. Having a supportive and sensitive family environment encourages them to continue on the right path and considerably boosts their confidence.
  • An Individual’s First Social Circle: Family is typically the first social circle that each of us is exposed to. Consequently, we tend to share the deepest and most long-lasting bonds with our immediate loved ones. And it can be incredibly liberating and motivating when such close relations support an individual’s endeavour towards positive change. Family therapy strengthens family bonds and enables families to understand their loved one’s challenges and struggles better.
  • A Support System for the Support System: Rehabilitation can be tedious for the affected individuals and their loved ones. Research suggests that addiction not only impacts the concerned individual but also disrupts the entire family system. Family and couple therapy provide unconditional support to family members, helping them balance their lives adequately while caring for their beloved.

Family Programmes at Safe House

We at Safe House understand the integral role that family support plays in rehabilitation. Here are some ways in which we involve family members in the rehabilitation process:

  • Educational Lectures and Discussions: Our educational lectures on rehabilitation and healing are not limited to the affected individuals. We also educate their family members and help them understand the specific condition that their loved one is dealing with. We also conduct interactive group discussions, answering key questions and delving deeper into the subject.
  • Presentations by Staff Members: Our proficient psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals frequently conduct presentations on significant mental health topics. Such presentations help family members comprehend the situation better and provide optimal support to the individual.
  • Premier Accommodation Facilities: Our luxurious single and double-occupancy suites entail the best amenities, from walk-in closets and satellite TVs to ensuite bathrooms, in-room dining, and tea/coffee makers. Such facilities ensure that family members feel comfortable, energised, and at home at all times during their stay.
  • Family Therapy Sessions with Counsellors: Our counsellors cater not only to individuals enrolled in the programme but also to their family members. They carefully study the individual’s family and case history and interact with his/her immediate family to understand the background better. They also listen carefully to the family’s grievances and help them resolve any unfinished business that might be deterring the person from healing.

Safe House offers a comfortable and peaceful environment for individuals and their families, helping them heal, grow and learn together. If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction issues or pressing psychological conditions, we are here for you. Get in touch with us today, and let us traverse the healing path together.