Alcohol or drug addiction has often been referred to as temporary fun with permanent consequences.

If you are under the vicious trap of alcohol or drug addiction, it is time you realize the need to quit them and lead a healthy life.

When you quit taking drugs or drinking alcohol, the evident and prompt gain is you are breaking a bad habit. Nonetheless, over time the advantages of sobering up can really become more noticeable as you get fitter and healthier.

However, one problem most quitters often face is how to spend their time post their quitting decision. Following are a few ways how you can have fun on the weekends without the consumption of alcohol or drugs –

Take up a sport

It is evident that you weren’t playing a sport when you were addicted to drugs or alcohol as it is not easy to spare time when you are invariably intoxicated or nursing a hangover. Nevertheless, you can indulge in a sport during the recovery period as any form of exercise releases dopamine – an organic chemical in the brain, which can be favorable for you to make the shift away from alcohol or drugs. Further, playing sports can build your confidence and help you develop relationships which in turn would enhance your social skills.

Travel and explore the world

Travel might be an expensive option but now that you don’t spend an arm and a leg on alcohol or drugs, you can have the means spared for traveling. As they say, traveling is the only thing that you buy and it makes you richer. Enrich yourself with new cultures, different people, and some divine food. Travel will further help you understand the interconnectedness of mankind and enable you to experience serendipity.

Indulge into music

To some, music is religion. Music is known for clearing the head, pacifying the heart, and uplifting the spirit. That’s a reason enough for you to indulge in it. It would take away your mind from the withdrawal symptoms as it directly affects the hormones and reduces any sort of stress. Most drug addicts or alcoholics are often dependent on drugs or drinks for getting an unperturbed sleep. Music is a savior again as it improves sleep quality.

Spend quality time with friends and family

It is essential to spend time with your family and friends as spending quality time with them is the headmost in augmenting a strong relationship. Come what may, family and true friends are always giving you a reality check as they are thoroughly loyal and truthful. Further, they don’t judge us on our indulgences, they rather help us in overcoming the same in various ways.

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Learn anything and everything

An investment in learning definitely pays the best interest. One should never stop learning. Learning could range from a course in interior designing to learning a new language. Learning a new language would give you an edge while traveling as you can communicate with people of different nationalities. Gaining extra knowledge has never hindered anybody’s progress. It always enhances your performance at work and gives you more topics to talk about socially. A person with no knowledge or poor knowledge will never be able to indulge themselves in a meaningful conversation. They’d rather make small talks. Knowing foreign languages

All these tips can be followed at once or chosen based on the one that suits your personality the best.

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