Usage of substances like drugs and alcohol not only affects the abuser but also the people around him/her and those close to them. It can result in a plethora of misunderstandings and resentments. There can be more tension created when the family decides to send the person to rehab for better care.

Let us take a look at the role of family, the individual’s behaviour, and how near ones can help. The patient is usually not allowed to meet near and dear ones for at least a month. This is because they can trigger unwanted reactions in the patient when the rehabilitation process begins. It is hard for both the patient and his family but a necessary step.

Beginning Process

Over the first month, the body detoxifies, and the withdrawal symptoms diminish. This leads to clearer thinking and can often help the patient. Safehouse provides the best rehabilitation centre in Delhi undoubtedly, the best rehab centre in India. During this time, the patient’s mind starts to open up and begins to accept his wrongdoings. He realizes that the people in the rehabilitation centre are there to help him and becomes more receptive to the treatment

Family Counselling

The patient is unaware but his family’s counselling has already started. They are receiving the necessary information that is needed to bring him back into society without any apprehensions. They are educated about triggers and warning signs of relapse. They are kept updated on your progress and if it is appropriate they will start with telephonic communication. First, the counsellor meets the family alone, and then the patient is introduced to the family. If this meeting is successful, the patient is allowed to meet the family under supervision for short visits first. It is important to know that once the patient is out of the rehabilitation centre, the chances of relapsing depend on how the family treats him and how is the environment at home.


The family must welcome the person back and show him that they still love them and care for them. This is a vital part of the process of healing as they are generally insecure after coming out of the rehabilitation centre in Delhi. This, you must make sure that they feel safe and comfortable and can speak freely. They have reprimanded for their sins and you should support them in this journey of getting back on their own feet.

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