Addiction is a complex disorder, which is entirely treatable with proper medical procedures and a healthy environment. However, when a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they become a part of their daily habits. It requires strong willpower to leave old habits behind and stick to new and healthy ones. Even if you somehow manage to get away from your addiction, your environment will gradually force you to do that. Thus, an environment that’s conducive to recovery is an indispensable part of rehab. These procedures are performed under the guidance of experts and experienced people at a rehab centre.

Alcohol Rehab Centres: An Overview

Rehab centres have helped a lot of people quit their addiction and start a healthy and sober life. An alcohol rehab centre uses evidence-based treatment and medically supervised detox for treating people suffering from addiction. With medical treatment, alcohol rehab centres also provide group therapy to help people get rid of their addiction mentally and physically. The structure of a personalized rehabilitation centre may differ.

The treatment style and duration vary from person to person. Some people can be treated with simple outpatient rehabilitation, where they seek group therapy for less than 10 hours a week, while others need long-term treatment to remove them from the environment and help them physically stabilize. Some people can do it by living at their place, whereas some prefer a quiet, remote location. Many people benefit from basic drug rehabilitation, while some need to stay at a luxury rehabilitation facility. The luxury rehab centre is costlier, but they provide many facilities and amenities for the patients.

What Do Traditional Drug or Alcohol Rehab Centres Provide?

Drug detox services should be prescribed under the supervision of medical specialists, including physicians or nurses. If a person immediately stops his daily consumption of alcohol or drug, he may witness withdrawal symptoms. For this reason, they are given other kinds of drugs known as detox, which are less harmful and addictive for the body. Some people can be safely detoxed while staying at home, while some require full supervision. Detox is always required for withdrawal from benzodiazepines, alcohol, and opioids.

The treatment for the rehab program should be provided by an addiction specialist having appropriate state licenses and degrees from known universities. For many rehab facilities, additional certifications through non-profitable regulatory agencies should also be checked.

A person needs to be mentally strong to stay on the right path while getting treated for addiction. For that, s/he should understand the psychology behind addiction, including its causes and effects. A psychiatrist should also be available for therapy to the patients and their families. They must understand the core cause of addiction and change the individual’s behaviour around substances.

Difference Between Regular Rehab and Luxury Rehab

A regular rehab has all the basic requirements for a person to get rid of his/her addiction. They don’t have a good living facility, and most of these centres treat the patient from home. If a person requires personal care, s/he is kept at the rehabilitation centre for a month or two. Even though all the basic treatments and medical care are available, sometimes people lack expert advice at regular rehabilitation centres.

On the other hand, luxury rehab centres provide you with all types of facilities along with the best treatment and medical staff. A person can feel his/her treatment as a stereotyped vacation because of all the luxurious facility and care s/he will receive.

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The best part of the treatment from a luxury rehab centre is living at the centre. The rehab centres are mostly located in beautiful landscapes, beach resorts, or other such serene places. A person suffering from alcohol addiction who stays in such a place can relax for three months and get away from the chaos and stress of modern life. Some people say that the treatment they receive at luxury rehab is the most beautiful phase of their life.

Luxury rehabs provide high-quality treatment and individual care from experienced staff. Behavioural therapy and Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) are the best advantages for a person in luxury rehab than the regular one. They also provide a lot of complementary treatment and holistic treatment options along with the existing evidence-based approach.

Living in a luxury rehab is like living at a three-star or five-star hotel. You will get a room with a luxurious washroom attached to it. All the amenities like chess, game room, pool table, etc., will be available for patients 24×7. Along with it, televisions and laptops with Wi-Fi connectivity are also available for entertainment. Luxury rehab centres are generally located outside the chaos of the city or village, which gives you a chance to find your inner peace.

Luxury rehab centres cost more than the regular ones because of all the facilities they provide and the kind of treatment procedure they follow. Experienced staff is always available to observe every individual and plan an appropriate program for their better recovery.

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