Gone are the days when ecstasy meant a feeling of great happiness or joy.

People now know of ecstasy as 3, 4 Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or Molly, a dangerous synthetic drug. It is also referred to as Scooby snacks, Roll, Beans, XTC, and E. It is made up of a toxic mix of lab-created chemicals. It is found in powdered form or in the form of pills.

The choice of the new generations has changed. They are always on a hunt of finding the new high. Our country’s vagabond young have found an escape from the tough routine – Ecstasy. Mumbai, Delhi, and Goa are the major victims of the lethal drug.

Ecstasy or the Molly drug is much cheaper than other drugs like cocaine but however, they do cost about Rs. 1200 per pill. Hence, it is solely responsible for creating drug abuse a dominant and uncontrollable issue among the middle-class and the high-end youth of our country. The drug is not available in India. It is imported by smugglers from various countries.

A momentary effect of the drug is the abolishment of various vital physical needs that include eating, drinking, and sleeping. Further, it gives the consumer a rush of energy creating an extraordinarily happy feeling, empathy towards others, emotional warmth, a sense of security and it further cuts down any sort of worry or tension.

Ecstasy is considered to be extremely harmful because of the troublesome effects that it causes. The ill-effects may last up to a week or probably longer than that. Ecstasy is a major threat to the brain as it hinders the functions of serotonin – a chemical compound found in the brain and blood platelets that is responsible for carrying signals between and along the nerves. Serotonin further affects the pattern of learning, sleep, and emotions.

The habitual users of ecstasy may experience a problem with their memory too. They are often in a state of confusion, depression and are perpetually craving the drug. Fever, hallucination, sweating/chills, and blurred eyesight are some of the other harmful effects that are caused to the body by the consumption of the Molly drug. The same drug has also been reported to cause kidney failure, heart failure, and arrhythmia – the irregular beating of the heart, either too fast or too slow.

In the hours after consuming the drug, Ecstasy creates powerful reductions in the mental abilities of the consumer. The changes, especially those affecting the memory, can last for up to 7 days, and possibly longer among the consistent users.

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The fact that the Molly drug or ecstasy distinctly damages the information processing highlights the possible dangers of performing complicated and skilled activities, such as driving a car or a bike, cycling, swimming, gyming, running while under the influence of Molly drug.

Considering the above-mentioned risks and ill effects the Molly drug causes to the human body and brain, there is a dire need to get the youth of our country out of this dangerous drug.

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