Addiction in Women

Hundreds of women in India are addicted to one drug or the other. Many women use alcohol or drugs as a way to cope up with social or occupational pressure or to fight exhaustion. Addiction can also happen because of inappropriate medication suggested by physicians or pharmacists. Women who use drugs can suffer from a series of physical disorders like hormonal imbalance, pregnancy issues, menopause, and fertility issues as well as mental disorders.
Addiction can affect women differently than men. A small amount of drugs or using drugs for lesser time can cause addiction in women whereas men might need a prolonged period and a higher dosage for similar effects. Women tend to experience more addiction related mental health issues. They are more likely to suffer from depression or have panic attacks.

Social Stigma

Societal barriers stop women from seeking help, thus prolonging their duration of addiction. They are reluctant in asking for help because of fear or shame. They are scared of how society would react because treatment for addiction can tarnish their reputation and their family’s prestige. Families also shun drug addicts instead of supporting them and helping them to get rid of addiction.

Specialised Women Medical Care Team

At Safe House Wellness Retreat, we have a specialized women medical care team that takes care of female clients. The team takes into account the physical and mental health of the client, her family relationships and the drugs she has used to come up with an individualised one on one treatment program which caters to the specific needs of the client. In addition to group activities and group counselling sessions, the client can benefit from individual counselling where she can share her thoughts without inhibition. Family meetings are held at regular intervals so that the family members of the client are a part of the treatment program. Since women have a high rate of relapse, Safe House provides them with aftercare facilities which help the client in her recovery even after discharge.
Safe House is a completely safe rehab for women which takes care of their privacy and special needs. We encourage women to break the shackles of society and shame and start their road to recovery with us. We are proud to be a specialised rehab for women and we leave no stones unturned in ensuring that our client gets a perfectly safe and healthy haven to recover.