Women’s Drug Abuse and Addiction

For a long time, the occurrence of substance abuse was believed to be dominated only by men. However, with easy access to alcohol, tobacco, opiates and prescription drugs, the instances of this disorder among women in India has also seen a significant increase. Despite the change in trend, this stereotyping has resulted in the selective understanding of only men’s lived experience with substance and its subsequent generalization to women. But growing research has brought into attention the stark differences in the consumption patterns between men and women because of biological, physiological, and psychological reasons. Heroine, propoxyphene, alcohol, and minor tranquillizers are substances which are predominately abused by women.

Addiction in women is more complicated than it appears. It does not emerge from a vacuum; instead, it is almost always induced by either psychological triggers or past traumatic events, company influence or socio-economic and cultural factors. Treating substance abuse in women requires a comprehensive and extensive understanding of its multifaceted and interconnected issues.

Some unique reasons why women resort to drug usage are:

  • To reduce stress from the social pressure of being the perfect woman (a loving mom, caretaker, house manager, and career woman)
  • To break stereotypes
  • To deal with sexual trauma, which women are much more likely to suffer
  • To conform to the societal standards of beauty by losing weight

We, at Safe House Wellness Retreat, understand that addiction in women is different, and its treatment requires extra care and sensitivity. At our rehab for women, we bring together a team of life coaches, doctors, counsellors, and caregivers, who devote themselves entirely to your fight against the substance. We aim to arm you to combat any intensity of stress without reaching out for any substance. Our programmes are carefully curated to offer you the best drug and alcohol abuse treatment with absolute compassion and acceptance. We treat your disorder using a combination of safe detox, recreational activities, yoga and meditation along with counselling and therapy. We help you begin your second chance at living a healthy, fulfilling and joyous life.

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Addiction Recovery Treatment for Women

Substance abuse in women has multilevel implications. Apart from adversely affecting their mental health, women with addiction also face significant stigmatization. Women struggling from substance abuse particularly experience concerns related to parenthood, resulting in significant barriers to their treatment. At Safe House, we understand these unique challenges which are central to women. By offering a safe and exclusive environment which is conducive for recovery, we design personalized treatment plans that are gender-sensitive and caters to the needs of a woman.

Some of the factors that make Safe House one of the best rehabs for women are:

  • Nurturing environment: We ensure that Safe House is always able to create a conducive and nurturing environment for you. Together with our expert and professional staff, our guests build a positive and supportive environment for each other by helping one another during each step of recovery.
  • Multidisciplinary approach: We bring together experts from various fields to help you in your fight towards sobriety. Our blended approach offers evidence-based psychological therapies like cognitive behavioural therapy by experienced practitioners and various aftercare programs like meditation, yoga, acupuncture etc. to ensure holistic treatment.
  • Security and safety: The root cause of drug dependency for many women can be an experience of domestic or sexual abuse. We are devoted to providing you with a safe and secure environment in which you can confide freely. We respect your privacy and promise to treat your addiction directly at its core whenever you are ready.
  • Personalized therapy: Women experience more complex emotions and struggles, like low self-esteem, eating disorders and poor self-worth during addiction. We understand that you may also experience feelings of guilt about leaving their spouses and children to attend treatment. With utmost care and sensitivity, we dedicate ourselves to help you overcome the intense and overwhelming emotions and keep you motivated towards sobriety.

Why Should Rehab for Women be Different?

Women are less likely to seek treatment for substance abuse than men. Women experience more social and cultural restrictions and dilemmas while seeking treatment. Treatment for de-addiction can also be expensive. It can be taxing for an individual to find time and resources for therapy appointments, support group meetings, and rehabilitation programs. Women also fear the possible implications for their children if their substance abuse problem is out in the open. These are just a few reasons why the approach and the treatment of women’s substance abuse problems need to be different.

Safe House Wellness Retreat, a luxury rehab for women, takes into consideration these problems and tries to help you deal with them by adopting the following approaches:

  • Family therapy: We ensure you feel loved and supported throughout your recovery by involving your family in your journey towards a healthier life.
  • Dual diagnosis: We have a dual diagnosis program that targets co-occurring mental health disorders along with drug dependencies.
  • Holistic therapy: We include practices like meditation, exercise, and yoga in your daily routine to help you centre your spirit and recover from addiction without the use of medication.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Your treatment plan includes regular CBT sessions to help you reflect and reconnect with yourself, your thoughts, motivations, and desires.
  • Trauma therapy: Trauma therapy is essential for women who have been victims of domestic violence and child or sexual abuse. These therapies are provided in a highly professional and sensitive manner to help you manage and process your pain.
  • Parenting: We ensure that you relearn how to parent after attaining sobriety. We equip you with the skills needed to perform the duties entailed in motherhood without turning to alcohol and drugs.

Finding the correct treatment depends on your intensity and type of dependence, your mental state and your lifestyle. You can either need merely detox and minimal after-treatment like a support group. Or a more extensive rehabilitation that includes behavioural and holistic therapy. Whatever your personal needs are, at our rehab for women, we guarantee bespoke services that guarantees you the best treatment in your own time and in your way.

Addiction Treatment for Women – Get Help Today!

Sustainable recovery from addiction requires a dedicated team of caring professionals and a personalized program for women. We have gender-specific therapies and a devoted team of seasoned addiction specialists to cater to your needs. At Safe House rehab for women, we help you face your drug and alcohol abuse issues in a supportive and highly-intensive environment. Reach out to us today!

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