Ms. Shraddha Banerjee

Clinical Psychologist RCI Registered

The best results in rehabilitation often ensue when psychiatric treatments go hand-in-hand with psychological assistance. Ms Shraddha Banerjee: a practising clinical psychologist and senior consultant at Safehouse, understands this and is known for her compassionate and caring nature in tackling these ailments.

She hails from a strong academic background of psychology and is well-versed with the wide array of recognised psychological disorders. She integrates this knowledge with her vast experience and offers patients a holistic and sensitive framework.

With expertise in substance-related, neurotic, sexual, and stress-based disorders among young adults, Ms Banerjee forms an integral part of the support system for individuals healing from addictions of various natures. She believes in providing a comfortable space where such patients feel accepted and free to express themselves.

As a mental health professional, she also has hands-on experience in teaching students at reputed universities. Ms Banerjee is a dance and theatre enthusiast who rejuvenates herself with these activities during her free time. Subsequently, she incorporates these areas of interest in her therapy sessions – mainly in the form of dance, art therapy and psychodrama.

Such an approach provides a dynamic platform to patients, helping them opt for unique strategies of self-reflection.