Dr. Anant Agarwal


Withdrawing from an addiction of any nature can be rather traumatising for individuals involved. Psychiatrist and drug de-addiction specialist Dr Anant Agarwal understands this challenge and has been working to rehabilitate people with addiction issues ever since.

As a consultant psychiatrist at Safe House Premium, Dr Agarwal has helped hundreds of patients to wade through their withdrawal phases seamlessly. 

His expertise in the fields of psychiatry and rehabilitation results from his extensive experience of working at renowned psychiatric and rehabilitation centres. Throughout his career, Dr Agarwal has worked at various psychiatric facilities and interacted with patients from different walks of life.

Besides de-addiction, Dr Agarwal specialises in the allied fields of anxiety, depression, personality disorders, and young adult-related issues. He believes that his true passion lies in helping individuals tread their own path towards healing. Thus, he enables his patients to independently find the way, even while actively guiding them in the right direction.

Dr Agarwal also possesses leadership qualities required to manage the practising staff members in providing patients with quality care. Besides being an avid reader, he is an ardent music enthusiast and plays guitar and drums in his free time.