Outpatient Department

An outpatient department (also known as an OPD for short) is a department in a hospital in which doctors see their patients. The OPD in a hospital consists of consulting rooms and support areas, such as nurses’ stations, treatment rooms, waiting rooms etc. Often, physical support devices or facilities are in proximity to the OPD. Some examples of these facilities include X-ray machines, ECG, on-site pharmacy etc.

Psychological Illnesses

Safe House, a premier wellness treatment centre in Chattarpur, New Delhi, seeks to take care of people who are suffering from a range of psychological illnesses. Some examples of such illnesses include psychosomatic disorders, substance abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, dementia, bipolar disorder, sleep disorders and behavioural and psychiatric problems in children, among many others. We at Safe House believe that every individual is fully capable of learning how to cope with their illness, while also believing that their illness does not define them.

Personalised Treatment

People with psychological and psychiatric illnesses are often alienated and ostracised from society. They are viewed as abnormal - something that is away from what is normal and accepted. They occupy an insignificant place on the margins of society and do not know how to integrate their illness so as to function as optimally as the illness permits. Our qualified experts at Safe House administer effective, personalised treatment based on the severity of the illness and the medical history of the patient.

Expert Support and Guidance

Disorders such as psychosis, epilepsy, schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorder are serious and require immediate attention and treatment. If undetected and/or untreated, it can have serious consequences - not only on the patient but also on their family and caregivers. Safe House ensures that the immediate family of the patient is kept informed throughout every stage of the treatment and recovery process. They are given additional support whenever required. Our experts are available for support and guidance 24x7, whether it is for patients or their families.