Drug Addiction

The drug menace has crippled our nation and it continues to spread its lethal branches. Taking drugs for the first time is usually your own choice but very soon your willpower slips into a coma and using self-control becomes difficult. Once the drug takes control of your brain, you need to undergo treatment to get rid of the addiction. One of the highly addictive drugs is Heroin. It is derived from the poppy plant and can be injected, inhaled or smoked. Heroin enters the brain rapidly to give the sensation of intense pleasure or a rush. To experience a higher degree of euphoria, people mix heroin with cocaine, a technique known as speedballing. Since other substances are often added to heroin, its strength cannot be predicted. Some of the opioid pain medicines have effects similar to heroin. Misuse of these medicines leads to addiction and an overdose of heroin can cause shallow breathing, convulsions, coma or even death.

Twelve Step Program

Safe House Wellness Retreat is a Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi that follows a Twelve Step program built upon the Twelve Steps of AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous). It is one of the few drug rehabilitation centres in India that specializes in heroin treatment. Heroin withdrawal can cause nausea, body ache, abdominal pain and fever along with anxiety, depression and restlessness. Many people decide to drop out because of this very reason. Safe House recognises the special needs of the drug deaddiction process and has a personalized care team for every client. The client goes through an entire day of educational and recreational programs along with therapy. Safe House is a heroin treatment centre which is proud to have a specialized treatment program including close monitoring for clients addicted to heroin and after care therapy program which helps the client in his/her recovery even after discharge. The client is constantly observed and counselled so that the urge to stop the treatment is minimized and controlled.

Luxury Rehab

Depressing rehabilitation centres are now a thing of the past. Along with pragmatic treatment planning, Safe House Wellness Retreat also provides luxurious accommodation. The Luxury Centre provides uber-luxury options so that you can enjoy the benefits of a five star resort while recovering.
If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs, please feel free to discuss with our experts in the industry. Safe House Wellness Retreat is one of the best drug rehabilitation centres in India because we take the reign of your life in our hands to make it free from drugs and fill it with happiness.