Alcohol is one of the most popular psychoactive substances which has the power to take over your senses and mood. It hinders your logical thinking capability and promotes irrational behaviour. Alcohol also has an adverse effect on your physical and mental health. It can affect your liver and brain, cause depression, increase the risk of cancer, weaken your immune system, lead to coronary heart diseases, encourage obesity and even result in death.It not just affects you but can even result in birth defects, thus affecting your next generation.

Safe House Wellness Retreat is one of the best alcohol treatment centres in India which excels in alcohol abuse treatment, alcohol dependence treatment as well as alcohol withdrawal treatment. Alcohol Abuse refers to regular consumption of alcohol in spite of negative consequences whereas Alcohol Dependence or Alcoholism is a chronic disease with certain derogatory symptoms. When the consumption or use of alcohol is stopped or reduced, it leads to Alcohol Withdrawal. There are around 10 suicides every day in India because of alcohol or drug addiction. Therefore, alcohol treatment in India is extremely important.

Safe House provides a serene atmosphere, which includes the goodness of nature so that you can recover in a placid environment, thus making it one of the best alcohol rehabilitation centres in India. The detoxification process at Safe House not only cleans the alcohol from the human system but it also helps in stabilising the mind and body of the patient. Alcohol not only dissolves the immunity of a body, but also relationships, jobs, friends and families. This leads to anxiety disorders and depression. We provides a clinically integrated approach which treats the addiction as well looks after the mental health of the patients. Safe House boasts of luxurious interiors and state of the art infrastructure. It also provides the same level of dedication to revive patients who are addicted to other drugs, making it one of the best centres for alcohol and drug treatment.

It is important to recognize the detrimental effects of alcohol and ask for help. Alcohol treatment is important to eradicate the risks and problems that come with alcohol consumption. Early intervention might help in reducing the harmful consequences of alcohol and might also be economically viable. Safe House encourages you to take a step in the right direction so that we can help resurrect your life for you and your loved ones.