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Alcohol Detox Center in Delhi, India

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Situated in a pristine colonial style farmhouse in Central Delhi, Safe House Premium Luxury is for clients looking for an uber-luxury treatment option which is considered by its guest’s one of the alcohol best detox centre Delhi.

Alcohol addiction is considered to be a major impediment in a person’s endeavours. To recover from alcohol addiction, it is a step by step procedure. One needs to become sober, as it helps the person accept and acknowledge their condition and plan the course of recovery accordingly.

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In addition to withdrawal management and detoxification, Safe House Wellness Retreat also engages its clients in various counselling sessions, group activities and treatment planning, depending on the nature of the problem. Our adroit professionals stay abreast with the latest developments in the domain and ensure the best treatment for our clients. Owing to their infallible hard-work, Safe House Wellness Retreat is counted among the most reliable and luxurious alcohol detox centres in Delhi.

Our rehabilitation program has erudite professionals, comprising of qualified counsellors, psychiatrists, psychologists and general physicians who hold vast experience in their respective domain, making us the most sought after alcohol rehab in India. While treating a patient, our staffs aim to achieve long-term results and sustain them effectively. The high success rates of Safe House Wellness Retreat are a testimony to the competency of our staff and the team.

Through our unique and internationally renowned rehabilitation program, we are able to take you on a roller coaster ride of life where once you were consumed by drug and alcohol addiction, down to the path of full recovery and wellbeing. We not only discourse the root causes of behavioural addiction but to renovate and requalify your instincts to steer you from the environmental stimuli that triggered the addiction in the first place.

Alcohol Detox Center

Safe House offers guests a more private and exclusive environment with amenities, ideally suited for recovery. With its well-styled rooms, swimming pool, Life Fitness gym, along with services like airport pickup, free high-speed internet, apple TV, naturopathy vegetable juicing, etc. Safe House is an exclusive one-of-a-kind alcohol detox centre India.