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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center Near Delhi, India

Safe House Standard is at our native location, in Faridabad, and has been providing effective treatment in a safe environment since 2012.

Affordable, Quality Treatment

Safe House Standard is more affordable than our luxury option , but still delivers quality rehabilitation services for people needing help with drug and alcohol problems. The residential treatment encompasses the following:

  • 1. Pragmatic treatment planning

  • 2. Effective individual counselling

  • 3. Edifying lectures

  • 4. Dynamic group activities

  • 5. Personalized treatment plans

Safe House Standard also offers one of the most holistic programs across all the rehab centres near you. It helps patients become self-sufficient and shun the dependency that had been ailing them. Learn More About Our Program

Family Involvement

Family members of patients are engaged and encouraged to be a part of the treatment program and family meetings are held at regular intervals. This also helps us evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the patient to better and identify the key areas to be worked upon.

Safe Detoxification

Safe House Wellness Retreat offers credible alcohol detoxification treatment. During detox, the alcohol is completely flushed out of the patient’s body. If practiced without any guidance detox can be harmful and even deadly, which is why we have the process supervised by doctors.In addition, patients are monitored by qualified nurses 24/7, who keep a close watch on their physical and mental health.Our initial detox course usually varies from 15 days or longer, depending on each individual case.

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